Aur War Nahi(Stop The War)

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Ahhirann's - Aur War Nahi (Stop The War) - Genre (Classic Metal)
Through history, wars have had different kinds of effects on the societies impacted by the wars for many reasons.
We feel for those who went through the pain and sufferings losing their loved
ones who never ever came back.
We pray and pledge against war. Millions have lost lives, blood and flesh .
Centuaries have made us view the worst of mankind .
Will Witnessing every of these nightmares can bring a change within humanity?
War is only not within nations but mostly within human thinking and going against each other's view.
Isn't it time to think about each other or are we waiting to see bloodsheds within our own families and friends?

let's keep
the spirits of harmony and oneness alive ...Let's be ONE .. lets be 'Anavadya'..






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Aur War Nahi(Stop The War)
Aur War Nahi(Stop The War)
  • Aur War Nahi(Stop The War)
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